We are a family with two children: we decided to leave our lives in a big city to run the campsite here, working in truly natural surroundings, and to bring human relationships to the center of our lives. This dream to change our lifestyle had gradually grown during our holidays in different eco-friendly campsites elsewhere in France. We have worked hard here for the last six years and we believe that this campsite is both in keeping with its environment and manages to reflect our hopes for the future of the planet. In everything we do here at our campsite we endeavour to be good citizens of our planet so that our lives will only have a beneficial impact on future generations. Of course the work is never finished, and there will always be things to improve.

Previously we have not been outspoken in communicating this approach because we did not wish to use it simply as marketing for our company. But now we believe that it is our responsibility as citizens of the planet to try to encourage our team here, our friends, and our customers to work with us in our efforts to safeguard the future of our planet.

Our actions are simple and we try adopt common sense attitudes in everything we do.


Water :
Our wastewater is processed in a biological treatment plant and only then discharged after treatment into the stream.

We have taken steps to reduce the amount of water we use, and to encourage the use of it in a sensitive manner. Untreated water direct from the stream is used for flushing the toilets, we have installed push- operated outdoor taps throughout the campsite, there are water-saving taps in the sinks and showers, and we have changed the hot water boilers for ones that produce instantaneous hot water to avoid storing it unnecessarily and so wasting energy.


Supplies :
We promote local producers from this area at our shop. Their products include the cheeses, yogurts, cold cuts of meat, local beers and spirits. We also buy locally for the restaurant – cheeses, yogurts, bread, meat, vegetables, and fruits.

We buy as much as we can direct from producers or at the local markets each week, and we also use products from our permaculture garden: aromatic herbs, zucchini, tomatoes, peppers, rhubarb. And our restaurant gives you a real home-cooking experience.

There is an aromatic garden for guests of the campsite. All the fences in the campsite are made with chestnut palings cut and constructed locally: we used locally cut wood for all the emplacement terraces and for the stairs between them.

We have replaced the old mobile homes with more environmentally friendly accommodation (safari tents, wooden chalets, and a geodesic dome in the trees).


Maintenance :
We use biological maintenance products everywhere in the campsite, the welcome products we provide are not overpackaged, and we use recyclable and recycled products – we have paper napkins and placemats, we ask guests to reuse paper bags, and we recycle all cartons that come to the restaurant or in other deliveries.

We encourage our customers to use reusable bags. Weeding the campsite is only done manually or mechanically, without chemical products and pesticides, and we use an electric cart for all gardening and maintenance work in the campsite.

We are in the process of becoming a reserve for the LPO (the French bird protection organisation). We have chosen plants that require the least additional watering, and the flower beds contain perennial plants that are well adapted to our environment. When it is very dry, we water the plants and shrubs with water taken from the stream.


Energy :
We try to reduce the energy we use for lighting. All light-bulbs around the site and in the rental properties are energy-saving ones. Our outdoor lighting has been optimized to reduce our energy impact, using timers, daylight-detection, and solar power.

The main lights in the sanitary block go off at 23h to save energy. We keep one light on for people using the toilet late at night.

The electrical equipment (refrigerators etc.) in the rental properties are in the energy efficiency categories A or A +. We turn off the power completely in each rental property when it is not in use.

We have set up a regular survey of the water and electricity meters so we can monitor consumption closely, to detect any water leaks and avoid wasting water.

We have a simple system of solar heating for the pool, which uses a black pipe coiled on the roof of our house: this gives a gain of a few degrees in the summer season. In low season the pool is not heated because it would be too energy-consuming. We make available an individual solar power kit on request for people staying with us on a campsite. The campsite’s electricity comes from a 100% green energy supplier.


Waste :
We have set up a composter and there is selective sorting of waste on the campsite. A bio-bucket is available in each rental property. Do not hesitate to ask us for a bio-bucket for composting on your emplacement, while batteries and papers and magazines can all be brought to reception for recycling.

We shred all offcuts from pruning and it is used for mulching the playground, as a top dressing on areas like the vegetable garden and on some of the pathways. We have a henhouse for the production of our own eggs, and the hens are happy to help in recycling some of the organic waste from the restaurant.

We recover some of the used cooking oils and re-use them for the protection of the outdoor wood, while the rest is recycled appropriately.


For our customers :
We organise simple activities for children in high season to help families rediscover the pleasure of being together and to enjoy the natural environment: cooking bread in a campfire, family run boat races in the stream, nature walks, treasure hunts, etc.

We try to respect the local environment, to value it and to extend our knowledge of it. We provide books on the local fauna and flora, and we have a number of suggested hiking and cycling trails with route descriptions. We encourage visitors to get to know the special product of this area (the sweet chestnut) through using it in our cooking. Visitors also go to the nearby chestnut museum in Mourjou, and we are active volunteer participants in the chestnut festival there in October every year.

Our brochures and mailings are all made of recycled paper. We prefer to use e-mail and paperless information.

Our campsite is car-free during the summer period for a truly tranquil holiday experience, to help our holiday visitors relax, to eliminate the visual pollution of motor vehicles and most of all to allow children to play and discover nature without their parents needing to worry about them.

We have a board to encourage visitors interested in car-sharing. We have an extensive library of books to share and there is a recycling center.


Our projects :
We are planning to operate a solar oven, install an electric charging point for cars, and have beehives close by in the woods near the campsite.

Naturally the work is not finished, and there will always be things to improve! So do not hesitate to share your ideas with us about how we can improve. Above all, you can help us in our approach to the future of the planet by the things you do each day, whether during your holidays here or at your own home afterwards … We are all citizens of the world.


We wish you a very good holiday in our campsite.